2020 GE Unofficial Results: 25 Former MPs Re-elected

The unofficial results of the 2020 national election shows that 25 former Members of Parliament in the 11th legislature have been re-elected.

The former MPs are that have won their seats, according to the unofficial results are: Christophe Emelee –Torres constituency; Jay Ngwele – Ambae; Bruno Leingkone – Ambrym; Ian Wilson – Maewo; Gillion William and Jack Norris – Efate Rural; Matai Seremaiah and Mark Ati – Luganville; Marcellino Barthelemy, Gracia Shadrack, Esmon Saimon and John Sala- Malekula; Silas Bule and Charlot Salwai – Pentecost; Ralph Regenvanu, Alatoi Ishmael Kalsakau and Kenneth Natapei- Port Vila; Samson Samsen, Alfred Maoh, Gaetan Pikioune – Santo; Jotham Napat, Andrew Napuat, Johnny Koanapo, Bob Loughman and Nako Natuman -Tanna.

On the subject of former MPs re-elected, two of them who lost their seat in the 2016 election but managed to secure their seat in the March 19 election. They are Bakoa Kaltonga for Efate Rural and James Bule for Ambae.

According to the Standing Order of Parliament, the oldest MP will chair the first ever sitting of newly elected MPs during their oath when parliament will meet in the upcoming weeks. The oldest MP — Esmon Saimon — was reelected from the constituency of Malekula.

Mr. Saimon has a wealth of experience in this regard as he was Speaker of Parliament for three years in the last legislature.

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