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The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) has announced that they will cover the secondary school tuition fees as well as examination fees. It was also announced that the second tranche of school grant payments will be released earlier than usual, to help schools recover from Tropical Cy…

Two more deaths related to leptospirosis have been reported by the Ministry of Health (MOH) this month, increasing the total deaths to five so far this year.

The Vanuatu Maritime Safety Authority (VMSA) temporarily detained the MV HELPR-1 due to several deficiencies found during an annual survey inspection conducted on board, and uplifted the deten…

Vanuatu Sports

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Port Vila Futbol Asosiesen (PVFA) i konfem se diskasen i stap kohed gud naioa wetem ol PVFA patna blong sendem PVFA jampion mo semtaem Vanuatu Futbol Federesen (VFF) nasonal jampion, Ifira Blak Bird (IBB) FC i ko long wan tu (2) wik priperesen long Ostrelia tuwods 2023 Osenia jampion lik kom…

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Vanuatu bambae i plei las maj blong hem akensem Fiji U-20 tumoro (Sundei) insaed long Fiji Futbol Asosiesen (FFA) Tri Nesen Intanasonal Frenli Tunamen long Fiji.

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Vanuatu Netball Association (VNA) is keeping its fingers cross for the netball court in Stade to be cleared in time for trainings for the Pacific Games to resume next week.