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WSB launches Love patrol series number 5

Viewers from Vanuatu and all over the Pacific will be talking about Wan Smolbag’s locally produced mini TV series, Love Patrol, after the official launching of its series number five at the WSB Youth Centre on Friday, October 26, 2012.

Love Patrol, a ‘smash hit throughout the Pacific’ since 2007 hit the screens on the Vanuatu Broadcasting Television with its first two episodes of its series five in Port Vila, Sunday October 28.

WSB Theatre Artistic Director Peter Walker said the continuation of the series focuses mostly on socially transmission infections such as HIV, crime, gender inequality, family breakdowns violence, politics and also on the effects on the entry of guns into the country.

The storyline, according to the WSB love patrol face book page saw the police burning down a marijuana plantation on the island and arresting the farmer. Len, who sells the marijuana in town, gets away just in time. He hitches a lift back with a white man who has a business selling guns.

The police bring back a box full of marijuana, and the CI hopes the story will be on the front page of the paper. The police need a better image after their unpopular case against Tom, for violently assaulting a young man who burgled his house. Belinda and Edward have decided to get married no matter what the cost and Simon is trying to keep on the straight and narrow. Until Len turns up and tries to drag him back into the world of guns and crime.

At the opening of the launching an actor acknowledged the Australian and New Zealand Government for providing financial assistance, Peter Walker for directing the film, his wife Jo Dorass for writing the script, various locations as the 21 Jump street of Tagabe and Manples area for the shootings and actors, who without them the series would be incomplete.

Mr Walker said series 5 would be available on DVD by next year.Series one, two, three and four are available on DVD now.
Series Six has been written and filming is in process.