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West Papuan coalition expresses disappointment

The West Papua NationalCoalition for Liberation (WPNCL) Head of Mission to Vanuatu, Mr Any Ayamiseba, was very disappointed with the Pacific Islands Forum leaders for excluding the rights of the indigenous West Papuans for self- determination and independence.

The abuse, the torturing, the kidnapping and the killings and raping of West Papuan black women, and kidnapping of young children continues to be the norm in the former Dutch Colony without any concern from the pacific Island Forum Leaders meeting in Auckland, New Zealand this week.

Ayamiseba welcomes the stand of the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, that the West Papua issue should be discussed by the Decolonisation Committee of the United Nations.

The indigenous people of the West Papua are blacks who lost their rights to self determination and independence, When the Indonesian Military Government decided to continue its colonization of the West Papuan population with the “1969 Act of Free Choice”.

Australia , New Zealand, United States, the Netherlands have also continued to suppress the Black population of West Papua to their Birthright for self-determination and Independence by supporting Indonesian colonization in West Papua.

Mr Ayamiseba said that it is now time for Pacific Islands Forum Leaders to take the position on the West Papua, that the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr BanKi-moon has taken.

He also said that as long as West Papua is a Colony of Indonesia human rights abuses, act of genocides, and crimes against humanity will continue to be committed by Indonesian Military against the black people of West Papua.