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Vohor leads new govt

Speaker of Parliament Maxime Carlot Korman and 26 Opposition Members of Parliament elected Union of Moderate Parties President, Mr Rialuth Serge Vohor as Prime Minister on Easter Sunday.

Former Prime Minister Sato Kilman and members of his cabinet including government backbenchers boycotted Parliament during the second half of the morning session and Speaker Korman with the remaining MPs proceeded with the election of the PM.

Parliament went ahead after a weekend of political drama that saw on Saturday the Supreme Court hearing a case filed by Former Minister of Land.

Former Minister of Lands, Mr Alfred Carlot on Saturday claimed he did not sign the motion as claimed by Opposition Leader Edward Natapei.

But the Supreme Court which deliberated until 2am Sunday decided the motion of no confidence in Prime Minister Kilman was in order.

Kilman was deposed in the floors of Parliament just like he toppled Natapei last December.

The 27 MPs present in Parliament elected 56-year-old Mr Vohor as Vanuatu’s Prime Minister.

It is not the first time the Santo leader has been elected PM as he had already been Vanuatu PM three times and this time around it is his fourth time as Chief Executive of the government.

His critics say PM Vohor has a very slim majority and he would need the first days in government to expand his support base as the government has 26 MPs while the Opposition has 25.

Surprisingly former Opposition Leader and Vanua’aku Pati President Natapei has not been given a ministerial portfolio.

But Natapei said it was time for the young leaders to be given ministries and that he would support them.

The formation of Vohor’s government sees Deputy Prime Minister and minister of Public Utilities given to Joshua Kalsakau, Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Natuman, Trades Minister Sela Molisa, Lands Minister Dominique Morin, Agriculture Minister Eta Rory, Finance Minister Bakoa Kaltongga, Ni-Vanuatu Business Paul Telkukluk, Sports Thomas Isom, Health Willie Ruben, Internal Affairs Patrick Crowby, Educaton Charlot Salwai and Justice Ioan Simon.