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Vanuatu Agriculture College gets facelift

Vanuatu Agriculture College (VAC) on Santo may look different very soon from the actual creation by the Chinese Government. Those changes took in shape after the appointment of the new Chief Executive officer (CEO) of Vanuatu Agriculture College, Niel Netaf.

Netaf said the changes occurred to facelift the college borders and turn the environment into a more comfortable and welcoming place of learning. The former Laucala senior staff has seen the future of VAC and revolving the College into a more interesting learning institution for farmers around the country. “We are eager of turning this College into a more encouraging institution to all students around Vanuatu,” said Netaf.

The changes saw the removal of the old fence replaced with new ones. Paintings were made around the campus building. Bright scenery around the college grounds has brightened and enlightened the college looking very attractive with its natural flowers and palms.

A group of mothers from Luganville were engaged at taking this responsibility of maintaining the college grounds. A new fish pond constructed recently by the college hosting more than 1000 tilapia fish has created a mixture of sea and land animals raised together by the College as the college carries out its aims to train farmers to be able to use available resources with the knowledge of new technologies to improve their farms and the national economy.

The college has installed a hydroponics plant raiser in the middle of the college compound planting lettuce and most importantly for students to have an idea on the new technologies they could be interested to.

The college has kicked start registering 30 students in level 1 and will expect approximately 25 to 30 students for certificate 2 entering the college next week, Wednesday, for registration.

Information obtained from VAC staff and the CEO revealed many former students have become successful with their farms. One of the young famers, Tony Sale, is a role model for the college as he now owns a Nissan double cabin in Luganville. Sale bought his vehicle from his first kava harvest. Sale looks very confident to deal more with the production because he sees bright future cultivating cash crops in the soil.