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Vanuatu is 185th member of WIPO

Left to right: 1st PA Bice (second) and Deputy PM Lini (fourth) and Vanuatu Ambassador Roy Mickey Joy (fifth)

The Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization [ WIPO]and former Head of Australian IP Bureau Francis Gurry officially welcomed the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Ham Lini into the WIPO Head-Quarters in Geneva, and officially welcomed the Republic of Vanuatu as the 185th member into the WIPO membership last week.

While welcoming the Deputy Prime Minister, the Head of the Intellectual Property Organization said “I am very pleased and encouraged by Vanuatu’s commitment and strong support to accede to the WIPO Conventions which will no doubt provide excellent opportunities and scope to strengthen, improve and enhance Vanuatu’s participation in the entire WIPO and Trade Related Intellectual Property (TRIP) framework and Agreements”.

He extended his words of congratulations also to the Prime Minister, Sato Kilman and the Deputy Prime Minister Ham Lini for their determination, tenacity and the effective leadership they have both taken in ensuring Vanuatu’s accession to both the WTO and the WIPO Conventions.

He said given WIPO’s mandate to intensify and improve its presence and visibility in the Asia- Pacific economies, Vanuatu’s membership this time around will be a stepping –stone for WIPO’s future technical assistance programs into the Region.

The Director General of WIPO also confirmed to the Deputy Prime Minister that as part of the Organization’s support and commitment to the Government of Vanuatu, the following activities will be implemented in Port Vila in 2012.

• A Technical visit of Vanuatu Trade and Legal Officials to work closely and meaningfully with WIPO Secretariat to review, up-date and improve the current WIPO/TRIP’S Agreements and Acts as passed by the Parliament in 2003
• A technical Mission from WIPO to attach to the State Law Office with a view to establish a Focal Point and provide in–house training and capacity building for Ni Vanuatu Lawyers [ both public and private]
• Support from WIPO Secretariat to establish and develop a permanent Intellectual Property [ IP ] Bureau in Vanuatu to assist technically in the implementation, administering and enforcement of all TRIP’S / WIPO laws and regulations and
• Training of Ni Vanuatu Officials under the annual WIPO Technical Assistance Program with a view to specialize in modern and contemporary WIPO/ WTO Laws and Rules.

In conclusion, the Deputy Prime Minister thanked WIPO for all the proposed technical assistance for 2012 and re -assured the Director General of Vanuatu’s long term commitment and support in all WIPO activities – particularly in the Pacific region.

The Deputy Prime Minister was in Geneva to attend the 8th WTO Ministerial Conference and to oversee Vanuatu’s membership into the World Trade Body. He was accompanied by the 1st Political Advisor in the Ministry of Trade Clifford Bic and Principal Trade Officer in the Department of External Trade Timothy Sisi. The delegation was due back in Capital yesterday.