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UMP Congress expel their rebels

Union of Moderate Parties delegates came as far as TORBA Province to attend their Congress

The supreme decision making body of the Union of Moderate Parties has reaffirmed their vote of confidence in 57-year-old Rialuth Serge Vohor’s leadership.
And the 24th UMP Congress sacked dissident UMP MPs and ministers.

Lands Minister Steven Kalsakau, Justice Minister Charlot Salawai Tabimasmas, government back bencher Raphael Worwor and UMP were all expelled from the party as one of the first businesses debated by the delegates.

Members of the UMP Congress agreed unanimously by show of hands that the three UMP MPs and prominent UMP leader Emeliano Buletare stop using the name UMP. They broke ranks with the UMP last year to join Prime Minister Sato Kilman’s coalition.

The Congress will today decide who will replace them as UMP candidates when they finalise the names of the UMP contestants for the October national elections.

The decision to re-elect Mr Vohor as UMP President makes him the longest serving president of any party in Vanuatu. He has held the helm of the UMP since 1988.

Port Vila Region UMP President Jacques Meriano has been voted first vice President of UMP, Ambrym UMP leader Eli Bong is second vice President, the position of UMP Secretary General has been given to PENAMA Province President Steven Sau, while Port Vila MP Patrick Crowby has been allocated the Vice SG position.

UMP Treasurer Kalvau Moli retained his position but he will be assisted this time around with the Efate region UMP President Gilbert Mermer as Vice Treasurer. An additional eight leaders representing all the provinces and municipalities have been elected into the national UMP executive.

Over 2000 delegates are attending the UMP Congress. The Congress shelter could not accommodate the record number of delegates from all the Provinces in Vanuatu and delegates in their 100s had to brave the rain and sun to listen to UMP President Vohor deliver his address.