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THUrSday, JULy 14 2011
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PSC Secretary barred from entering office
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High Tide 2: 31 am Low Tide 9:34 pm
By Raymond Nasse Prime minister meltek
Electricity goes to north east Malekula
Foreign Minister says oil an issue over non recognition of Abkhazia
By Godwin Ligo Foreign AFFAirs minister
Alfred Carlot has told Daily Post the reason that a number of countries such as the US and EU bloc do not recognise Abkhazia as an independent state is because of the issue of oil. Minister Alfred Carlot said Vanuatu’s stand on the issue is clear and that is that the people of Abkhazia should and must be free to determine their own destiny and not be governed by another state. Minister Carlot reconfirmed that Vanuatu recognises the Sovereign State of Abkhazia. He said the process of formal diplomatic ties between the two countries is in place. “The decision for the recognition of Abkhazia and the desire to establish diplomatic relations with Abkhazia follows the agreement already reached recently between both Prime Ministers of the two countries,” Minister Carlot told Daily Post. On Tuesday the Vanuatu new Foreign Affairs Minister reconfirmed Vanuatu’s stand in recognising Abkhazia and assured Vanuatu will go ahead with establishing a full diplomatic relations with Abkhazia. o To Page 3
Sato Kilman Livtunvanu on Tuesday, July 12, along with the Minister of Lands Steven Kalsakau and Minister of Public Utilities and Infrastructure, Harry Iauko put pen to paper to mark a historic event for the people of Vao, Malekula. The signing which took place at the Malampa Province Headquarters at Lakatoro saw the sealing of the Unelco Concession Extension of the Rural Area Electrification Project which will now enable the people of Vao to have access to electricity. o To Page 3
Unelco Managing Director Philippe Hrenberger (left) and Prime Minister Meltek Sato Kilman Livtunvanu seal the signing of the concession extension.
By Thompson Marango With 15 dAys to go beFore
Vt 10 million for Indy celebration
try including students studying overseas. Thirteen people who make up the National Independence Celebration Committee were handed their letter of appointment yesterday morning by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Committee Chairperson is Olga Tari and Port Vila Municipality Town Clerk, Toko Mara is Committee Secretary. The Committee has been tasked with the responsibility of organising the nationwide annual celebrations. Mara told Daily Post that the Committee will be having its first meeting next Monday to draw up its own budget and a draft programme for the celebration. Although the appointments came out a bit late compared to past years, he said the Committee will do its best to satisfy the expectations of the celebrants. Meanwhile the Port Vila Town Clerk said in the Capital celebrations will be held in respective areas where they are organised every year. The late announcement means that some communities have already kick-started preparations towards their festivities. Fresh Water is one of the areas that has already built its stalls at its usual celebration site.
the country celebrates its 31st years of Independence, the Government has appointed a National Independence Celebration Committee with an allocated fund of Vt 10 million. The Vt 10 million is being allocated for the whole coun-
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