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Tanna and Port Vila parliamentary seats to be reduced: Wells

The ministry of internal affairs is considering options in making changes to the number of parliamentary seats in some constituencies while maintaining the current number of seats in parliament.

This will mean that there will be some re-arrangement of seats from some constituencies which will see reductions of seats in those constituencies with high number of seats compared to its voters and allocate those seats to other constituencies that have more voters with less number of seats.

In a recent media conference Internal Affairs Minister, George Wells, confirmed the importance to have fair representation in all constituencies.

“We have heard several complaints from some constituencies that the number of seats allocated to their constituencies is not balance and as the minister responsible, I will make those changes before next general election,” said Mr Wells.

Minister Wells said those constituencies which are likely to be affected will be Port Vila, Tanna and other constituencies with high numbers of seats.

“The number of seats in parliament will remain the same and we just have to make sure that a proper re-arrangement of seats be made according to the number of registered voters. For example we can take one seat out of Port Vila constituency and allocate that seat to Efate rural and do the same thing for Tanna and TAFEA outer islands,” said Mr Wells.

Port Vila has six seats and Tanna has seven seats and while Mr Wells did not mention but other constituencies that also likely to be affected will be Santo rural and Malekula constituency.