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Sister city agreement reaping rewards

Audrey Lallut (centre) with LMC Town Clerk Sakita (sitting left) and staff

Mont-Dore Council in New Caledonia has sent an officer into Luganville for three weeks to carry out an assessment within the Luganville municipality covering finance and the administration and most importantly the preparation work towards the planned sports complex.

The complex is a project backed by Mayor of Mont-Dore, Eric Gay.

The exchange of staff from Mont-Dore to Luganville has shown how effective the relationship was and that was the first positive outcome of the connection.

Audrey Lallut was in Luganville three weeks ago working closely with the municipality.

In an interview with Daily Post she said, “As soon as I arrived in New Caledonia I will present my findings and we will look at how to improve the Municipality here. I came here to see how the municipality here was organized”.

She said her findings will help them to come out with solutions on how they should work to improve the administration of Luganville town as their partner sister city.

Lallut said a team in New Caledonia will be in Luganville by July to work closely with the municipality and most importantly look at her findings and make some changes and solutions to improve the Luganville Municipality.
Lallut has a Masters in Public Administration.

Peter Sakita, Town Clerk of Luganville said the sister city agreement has become more effective as they witnessed the first exchange. He said they are looking at sending wardens to train in New Caledonia.