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Santo chiefs concerned over slow pace of development in Sanma

Santo News

The ancient Theocracy chiefs have voiced concern over the speed of development in province.

Chairman of Santo Theocracy Navuntonatano Human Right, Frank Timothy said the Chiefs around Sanma Province are concerned about their Province.

He said Santo is the biggest island in Vanuatu but it is sad to see that development is slow to reach certain parts of Santo.

Timothy stated that one of the reasons for this slow pace of development is because there is very political will to genuinely help the people and the maturity that the country boasts is a maturity in a very different sense because there is always instability.

He said if there is corruption then it will be very difficult for the not only Sanma but all provinces to progress.

“The Almighty blessed Vanuatu through faithful believers but not greedy and selfish rulers.

“The whole world recognizes us through our Motto which says ‘In God We Stand’. So let’s show the whole world our true colors."

The Association is working very hard with community leaders and the Government for positive changes in Sanma Province.