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Prime Minister orders Kilman “ministers” to refund salaries

Interim Prime Minister Edward Natapei has ordered the Minister of Finance Sela Molisa to work closely with the State Law Office to issue invoices to all the “ministers” who were appointed by Leader of Opposition Sato Kilman, as well as their political staff, “for immediate refund to the Government treasury” of all “the illegal salaries” that they were paid from December 2, 2010 to June 16, 2011.

He said the political employees including those appointed by Kilman as State Ministers were illegally incurred public expenses as well as earned unlawful salaries and wages for the last six months.

The last paragraph of his letter reads, “I write to request that your office collect relevant information pertaining to this matter and issue invoices to everyone for immediate refund to the Government treasury. At this juncture I also would like to draw your attention that those who remain on the government’s side since December 2, 2010 until to date warrant an urgent consideration to back date their unpaid salaries and wages since then. I suggest that your office work closely with the state Law Office on this matter to rectify these anomalies”.

The Interim Prime Minister wrote to the Minister of Finance “pursuant to Order 3 of the Supreme Court judgment on Constitutional Case No.05 of 2011, and the Attorney General’s advice dated June 23 2011 on the aforementioned, the Ministers and political appointees who were in office until December 2 2010 remain in office as Ministers and Political Appointees excluding those Ministers and Political Appointees who have resigned. Accordingly, apart from those Ministers who have resigned including their political appointees, the Ministers and political appointees as at December 2 2010 are entitled to their salaries and other privileges”.