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Kilman gets invite from Malekula’s Council of Chiefs

Chief Themos entering PM Kilman's Nakamal (Salili Area), to invite him to Malekula, while Pm waited inside.

Vanuatu’s new Prime Minister Sato Kilman is expected to receive a high ranking customary title from the Malekula Council of Chiefs during his one-day visit to the island tomorrow.

This is the first time that an MP from Malekula and MALAMPA has become the Prime Minister of Vanuatu will visit his constituency as the Prime Minister of the Republic.

The visit will be made following an invitation from Malekula’s Malmetenvanu Council of Chiefs.

The Prime Minister will be accompanied by the Deputy Prime Minister and 10 other government Ministers and officials.

The high delegation will be welcomed at the Norsup airport by the Police Quarter Guard and a custom dance from Rano with leis from Tautu PWMU.
They willl then be escorted by the police to Visele where PM Kilman will pay his respect to his late Father’s Grave and to lay wreath. After a short break the Prime Minister will be accorded a full customary dress then led by a custom dance to Wilkins stadium for flag raising ceremony and the national anthem and an SDA choir from North Malekula followed by a special prayer by Ps Sivie Siake.

A custom ceremony by Lapo custom chiefs in South Malekula will then take place followed by another custom dance that will lead the Prime Minister to the nasara for a pig killing ceremony in which Prime Minister Kilman will be traditionally accorded a high chiefly custom name.

Betty Tamata, private secretary to the PM said according to ‘kastom’, the Malmetenvanu Council of Chiefs would have to pay a chiefly name from the ‘nasara’ where PM Kilman comes from and then formally hand it over to him.

A kava ceremony will then take place after the PM gets his new chiefly rank according to the Malekula chiefly ranking system.

The Prime Minister is also scheduled to visit and hold talks with the land owners of the Norsup airport with the view of resolving a long standing dispute over the airport land.

He is also scheduled to visit the Lambubu Metenesel Cocoa plantation with the view of reviving the project. Before returning to the capital, the Prime Minister and his delegation are scheduled to visit North East Malekula to inspect areas where the proposed power or electricity project is planned to provide power supply to the population of North West Malekula.

Daily Post was also reliably informed that the Prime Minister will also take the opportunity to encourage the population of Malekula to move backto copra production and capitalise on the new copra price of Vt65,000 per ton which Daily Post was told came into effect this week.