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International Bible College to be built at Erakor

It was an historic day for the Efate to sign a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with the Food for Hungry International -New Zealand (FHI-NZ) in partnership to build an International Bible College on September11, 2012.

“Bible College is the first step and the second phase we will be focussing on is building a kindergarten, secondary school and also a polytechnic according to the availability of land space ” said Kyo Sung Lee, the Korean FHI-NZ Deputy President.

The Commissioner of Labour Lionel Kaluat said at the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PCV) office that the Polytechnic Institution would be able to educate students on different qualifications as being an electrician, carpenter and could also be a preacher.

The initiative seems similar to the qualifications of the pioneer missionaries of the last century, who on their arrival in the country, were equipped with all the necessary qualifications to run their mission schools successfully as well as to preach the Gospel. For example, the headmaster of one such mission school was also a qualified farmer, a mechanic, an electrician, a carpenter and a preacher.

“FHI-NZ focuses on providing spiritual education and physical hunger especially, on child education,” said Mr Kyo.

Mr Kaluat said the initiative would increase the country’s spiritual growth in spreading the word of God and preparing the young lives in upholding our motto ‘Long God Yumi Stanap’.

He said recruiting teachers from countries like USA, England, New Zealand, Australia and Korea is a good idea because the local PCV teachers would be able to be trained also.

According to the MOU document, the secondary school is to be run as Mission School and operated by FHI-NZ and be in close contact with the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu Education Authority, Christian Education and the Ministry of Education of Vanuatu Curriculum.

The International Bible School will be operated and managed by international lecturers through Kwangshin University, a top university in South Korea and FHI-NZ together with Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu lecturers.

Mr Kyo said the subjects that will be mainly Christian education and partly social work.

He also said the College should equip more than 100 students from all over Vanuatu with two dormitories for boys and girls.
“This Bible College will be built as a main centre to serve the whole Vanuatu and also the Pacific region,” said the Chairman of the Vanuatu Bible College, Pastor Kalsakau Urtalo.
The project will be fully funded by FHI-NZ.
The Vanuatu Bible College Principal Philip Wiwirau said the new bible college is to be built at Emetaibur, Erakor in Efate.

The PCV Trust Association on behalf of the Efate Presbytery will lease the land with the customary landowners and sublease it to the FHI-NZ F for the term the two parties agree on.
FHI-NZ is a worldwide Non- Government Organisation and it has a branch based in New Zealand.

It is an international relief founded in 1971. FHI state mission is ‘To wail with leaders, churches and families in overcoming all forms of human poverty by living in healthy relationship with god and his creation which was taken from Psalms 146:11; He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry”.

The headquarter is in Phoenix, Arizona, in United States of America.

Kyo told Daily Post that the final discussion on the decision of the commencing of construction is to be confirmed in October this year.