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High Commissioner Bruer is Guest Speaker at Malapoa College graduation

Graduating students listen to encouragements from Guest Speaker Bruer and Acting Prime Minister Regenvanu

The Australian High Commissioner to Vanuatu, Jeremy Bruer, was Guest Speaker at yesterday’s Malapoa College graduation ceremony.

In his message to the students, especially those graduating this year, the High Commissioner encouraged them to make use of every opportunity they have and to never give up.

“In a competitive world, we need to ensure we make use of every opportunity we have. So, make use of every opportunity and never give up. Work hard, believe in yourselves and be nice to people,” High Commissioner Bruer said.

Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Lands Ralph Regenvanu gave a similar address. He listed for the students those qualities he believed would help them in future. Leading the qualities he highlighted were reliability, which he said was something that would take them far in life. Punctuality was another quality and the determination to do well in whatever they do.

“I want to stress to you young people. Speaking clearly, loudly and with confidence is important. You have to respect yourselves and others will respect you,” he said.

“Humble yourselves, be courteous and make time to be a good member of your community. Don’t put money above everything in life and seize every opportunity that comes your way,” Acting PM Regenvanu added.

He also encouraged the students to start to make choices that would help them in future.

Earlier, this week the Australian High Commissioner donated to the college paint enough to paint the 29 classroom of the college. All the classrooms badly need new coats of paint and the Principal Reginald Garo announced during the graduation ceremony that the college has set aside November 29, Unity Day, which is next week for everyone to come together and unite in painting the classroom. Staff of the Australian High Commission, Malapoa College, students, parents, and the public “will come together at the college to celebrate Unity Day repainting the classroom”.