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Another dive to clean up ocean

Big Blue is holding another rubbish collecting dive on April 5 (Saturday).
These dives are run by Big Blue about every 3 months.
In 2013 1,114 Kg of rubbish was collected from out of our ocean.
Some of the rubbish is deliberately thrown into the ocean but the majority of the rubbish the dive team collect is flushed into the sea via the storm drains.

Any litter that is dropped in the street in Port Vila ends up in the ocean.
Once in the ocean it damages the marine life.
It can smother coral or be mistaken for food by turtles and other marine creatures and it can pollute the waters making the fish we eat less healthy.

It also looks unsightly for tourists expecting to come to a tropical paradise and finding it cluttered with rubbish.
Big Blue is looking for 10 volunteer divers to go and help its effort to clean up our seafront.

“You must be a certified scuba diver and be happy to not only collect the rubbish during the dive but help us sort it can count it afterwards.
“This allows us to participate in the world-wide survey of marine debris conducted by Project Aware.
“Any divers interested should either sign up in the shop or email Christina on before Friday 4th April,” Big Blue advised.